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At Fresh Breath Treatment Centers of America, we offer unique way of eliminating breath disorders without any surgical intervention. Already a proven method of treatment in the United State by thousands of individuals diagnosed with halitosis, it offers complete confidence in having close contact without the embarrassment of bad breath.

First, we begin with a complete diagnosis. This is done to determinate what contributing factors reside in the oral cavity. A full dental examination along with an analysis of the gases in the breath disorders can be helped, but some medical problems require the attention of medical specialist. However, for breath problems arising in the oral cavity, neutralizing and eliminating the odor can be accomplished 95% of the time.

Oral Chroma


The treatment of halitosis in most cases involves the delivery of care to both the dental and at times medical condition. The first stage of treatment is to test the severity of the VSC gases being released. This test is done using device called a halimeter. The halimeter measures the amount of sulfur being released. The severity of the halitosis determines the form of treatment. After the measurement, we then begin treating the oral cavity with a site-specific chemical that neutralizes the sulfur gases. This chemical is Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine works by oxidizing the sulfur molecules in bad breath causes, thus eliminating the odor entirely. Special cleaning therapy along with similar home rinses mast be recommended. Throughout the course of treatment, the gases of the oral cavity will continue to be monitored with the halimeter.

If you or someone you know is among the many people who suffers from bad breath, the Fresh Breath Treatment Centers of America can help you stop worrying about breath problems and start breathing easier – with confidence.

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